Zombie Protesters — Seriously, Part 2

Any good zombie story deserves a sequel!  Spotted last Saturday in Oakland:

Zombies lurch down Telegraph to support libraries, brains


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Written: May 23, 2011

Zombie Protesters — Seriously

Zombies are all the rage these days — and now, it looks like they’re joining the “Days of Rage.”  A group of zombies was seen recently, heading for the Wisconsin state house in Madison:!UPDATE:Faux-News-reports! (from DailyKos)

Any protest is better with a zombie horde on your side!


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Written: Apr 4, 2011

Slow vs. Fast Zombies?

As Halloween and the election season come to a close, a strange fusion has taken place, setting the stage for international controversy.

Simon Pegg, one of the brains behind the brilliant movie Shaun of the Dead, has thrown his hat into the metaphysical ring of zombie politics.

Simon Pegg:  “Zombies Don’t Run!”

On Afterhell Volume 3, we kind of cheated.  In “Bloodbath at the Giallo Hotel,” zombies move at the speed of plot.

So what does everybody think?  Should zombies be fast or slow?

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Written: Nov 5, 2008

Afterhell Volume 3 Officially Released!

It’s official!  “Afterhell Volume 3: Bloodbath at the Giallo Hotel” has been released and is available for purchase now.  We will update the purchase page soon, but in the meantime you can order your very own copy through CD Baby.  Click here to go there now!

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, you can come to the Willamette Radio Workshop‘s production of “From the Case Files of Doctor Moreau” (the show’s free and promises to be a lot of fun!) Halloween night and buy a copy directly from us.

This is the same story you may have heard on the Afterhell podcast.  But with this disc, you get all the gruesome goodness in full stereo and CD-quality sound.  Plus the hair-raising artwork of Alida Saxon!  (Note to collectors: there are two different versions of the inside-the-box info card!)

It has been a long wait, definitely longer than we would have liked.  But we hope the results are worth it.

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Written: Oct 30, 2008

“Bloodbath…” to the printer

Afterhell Vol 3 Cover

Hey everyone, here’s a quick peek at some of the art for the upcoming release of “Bloodbath at the Giallo Hotel” on disk. With some great direction from Joe and Jamie, I think we’ve taken the presentation for this volume to a new level for Afterhell. Just click on the image to view the larger file.

Everything’s at the printer now, so expect to be able to purchase this in time for Halloween!

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Written: Oct 13, 2008

Afterhell Wins Its First Ogle Award

Yup, this is the good news we were alluding to the other day.  We’d said it be a few weeks, but how’s this for service?

Afterhell Volume 3 has received an honorable mention from the 2008 Mark Time & Ogle Awards.

We submitted Volume 3 for the judges’ perusal, absolutely certain they were going reject us out of hand.  Gory, graphic violence.  Rude language.  No kitsch or camp, definitely not safe for the whole family.  Just modern-day nightmare fuel.  Wow, it shows you how much we know!

Now you know the reason for the delay.  We had to figure out where to fit the Ogle award info on the CD artwork.  Simple as that.

We’re planning a release date in August, if not sooner.  It depends on how busy things look this summer, what with WRW’s Writers-on-the-Air Workshop ‘n’ all.

So yeah.  Our first award.  Only the beginning.

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Written: Jun 18, 2008