Slow vs. Fast Zombies?

As Halloween and the election season come to a close, a strange fusion has taken place, setting the stage for international controversy.

Simon Pegg, one of the brains behind the brilliant movie Shaun of the Dead, has thrown his hat into the metaphysical ring of zombie politics.

Simon Pegg:  “Zombies Don’t Run!”

On Afterhell Volume 3, we kind of cheated.  In “Bloodbath at the Giallo Hotel,” zombies move at the speed of plot.

So what does everybody think?  Should zombies be fast or slow?


  1. Can we say, it depends?

    I think if it is a fresh zombie, maybe it can go as fast as the person could in life. But the older it gets, and the bits start rotting out, then yes, slow zombies it is.

    And they should never be faster than they were in life. That’s confusing them with vampires. So if grandma comes back as the brain-craving undead, she shouldn’t suddenly be able to move like a twenty year old olympian on steroids.

    Comment by Ali — November 5, 2008 @ 3:49 pm

  2. Just the image of someone’s olympian undead grandma … that’s where the whole trend is going, isn’t it? It won’t be long until undead Nanna returns as a cannabilistic badass ninja. There is talk of an “Evil Dead” remake….

    Comment by Joe Medina — November 7, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

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