Afterhell in the Natural State

That’s not a reference to some new sound presentation technology (though that’s sure to happen eventually), but rather, to the state of Arkansas!  Self-described “Benton Resident.  Rogue journalist. Recovering attorney.” Ethan Nobles has written an excellent article about “Afterhell” for the First Arkansas News (FAN) website:

And now for something completely different …

Ethan interviewed Joe and I via Skype a few weeks ago, and is presenting our story as part of a series on modern audio theater.  We talk about where “Afterhell” originated, the challenges involved in getting the word out about a series that’s so different from everything else in the field today, and even offer a brief preview of the “Dicebag Theater” project.

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Written: May 28, 2010

Signing In

Hi, folks!  We’re opening a community blog for the Afterhell audio project, so I decided to get a LJ account here for it.  I’ll be using this space mainly to discuss AH, radio shows, dark fantasy, and maybe creativity in general.

Our current status is pretty good so far.  The first ep is available on CD at our online store and looks great.  Props to Alida Saxon, our webmistress and all-around kewl grrl.  This blog was her idea and she’s been generous as well as fast in putting this together.  Contributor copies have gone out to our cast, and we’ve gotten our first few sales!  So far the response has been positive.

We’re hoping to sell at least 100 copies.  Once that happens, we can make more eps!  We’ve already got three scripts and a few story outlines in the pipeline…waiting.

Our main focus now is promotion.  We’ve got to get some CDs into people’s heads ASAP.  We need victims.

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Written: May 7, 2004