The Sound of Silence

Warnock’s Dilemma.  Do you ever get this?

Make a posting, add a comment on a message thread, and get no response.   Putting your two cents in, and getting a fistful of Confederate money back.  Opening your mouth, only to have a seagull poop right down yer gob from five klicks up.

Type out some thoughts.  Think it through carefully.  You’re pretty sure you’re not writing a flame, just speaking your mind, elaborating on a thought.  Maybe you get somebody thinking.  Maybe you’ll get corrected on a point.  You’re not sure.  Type out some stuff and hit  “send.”  The discussion stops dead.  It’s like opening an airlock, seeing all the bloated, dead bodies on the other side, and wondering, “Gee, did I do that?” Or maybe they knew you were coming and decided to off themselves out of spite.  Again, you’re not sure.  Being dead, they’re not talking.  Not even a note.

So yeah…Warnock’s Dilemma.  You ever get that?