Welcome to the opening page of a new tale, an audiodrama for mature listeners only, courtesy of Ollin Productions. This is your gateway to a nightmare world of the ear and the mind.

There, horrors have been set loose on the world. Planet Earth is changing to fulfill a new role in the universe. It is the new Hell. Madness and evil are everywhere. In everyone. In everything.

All over the world, civilization has fallen. Cities burn with lunacy and brimstone. Science can't explain it. Faith can't account for it. The human race is under attack from its own shadows, sins, and deepest fears. The survivors face a surreal existence where only the darkest dreams come true. No one is safe. And everyone is on trial.

Poetic justice and naked cruelty. Personal demons and infernal beasts. It's all here.

This is the home of the damned. This is AFTERHELL.

Welcome...to the home of the damned.

Listen...to the birth cry of a digital nightmare.

Purchase...if you dare.

Behold...the cast who spoke the first words of this newborn dread.

FAQ...seek and ye shall find your answers.

Contact...Ollin Productions, the minds behind the creation.

Witness the birth of digital nightmares. You are one of the first.

ollin productions
© copyright 2003-2009 Ollin Productions

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